Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Random Update - 3 weeks into preps

After 3 weeks of prep, yesterday i took a Practice test. I took the 6th MGMAT practice test and scored a 700 (Q49 V35). I was actually surprised with my quant score as the questions were very tough. After the test i realized that questions 2 to 12 were all 700-800 level questions and managed a hit rate of 8/12. Pretty cool, isn't it. But I was actually stuck on some questions and took a long time to crack them. Verbal was not bad so to speak. But CR questions were really ambiguous. I thought some of them didn't make any sense, may be i need some more practice.

With that good score to motivate my spirits i'm moving on to the 4th week of preparation. This is the final week of review according to my plan. I have lots to complete this week - Manhattan word translation guide, Kaplan Verbal Work book and the EZ solutions book. From next week on my practice drill starts, so i got to finish up with the studying part this week.

P.S. The long week end was amazing. A good relief from all the preps. saturday i went to a water park to cool my heels and Sunday i had lots of fun bowling and playing 8-ball with my friends.


  1. Congrats Chambdu...Keep up the gud work :)

  2. well hell dude... was jus goin thru ur rc attempt strategy on a random site n it did seem good as inspite of english not being a weak link i found trouble attempting these... neways thnx.. n yeah ur blog's as inspiring as it could be... luck... kj...(http://www.marketeon.blogspot.com/)

  3. Thanks for those kind words Kushagra. I'm glad you found the RC strategy useful. Its actually Kaplan's strategy plus some personal impementation.


  4. hey hari!

    came across ur blog through clearadmit. saw that you are gunning for a gmat retake! wish you all the very best for this.

    i saw that ur breakup was 44 Q and 34 V - being an indian, i feel ur quant should be in the 48 - 51 range. its something u can improve on by just practicing the basics. the tough parts are the probability, inequalities and set theory probs. ur verbal is pretty decent and can go up in ur retake (make that will go up). just my 2 cents worth. am sure ur well on ur way to acing it! :)

    im another applicant for the class of 2012. hope to keep hearing from you.

    - Rocky!

  5. Thanks for you input Rocky!!

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