Friday, April 29, 2011

Back with a surprise!!

Hello my dearest readers (hope i can still say that!)

If you hear people saying that business school life is tough, I would say that’s a serious understatement. B-school life is notorious! My b-school life started in September 2010 and as a proof of the notorious schedule I haven’t posted a single blog post since then. Now after two and a half terms into the MBA, I am getting a feeling that the schedule is easing a bit and hence my decision to get back to blogging!

But i promised in the title for a surprise..... (drum rolls....) I have started a brand new self hosted blog! You can access my new web space at The blog is relatively new so there are not many posts yet but i have a feeling that my past readers would like the 2 latest posts (this and this). These two posts are basically a two part series of my 8 months of business school experience! I have many more exciting and interesting posts coming up (more often than last time - that's a promise). So please feel free to visit, subscribe and post your valuable comments and feedback on my new blog!!

I am not going to close this blog down - not a chance. I hope this blog might still help some of the future MBA aspirants. The new blog would serve as an information source (at least that's the intention!) for people in b-schools, MBAs, aspiring MBAs or for anybody just looking to read about interesting stuff related to business, tech, social media, internet and the world around me!
So i ask of you dear readers and subscribers to extend the same level of support you gave me, to help me put together this new blog!

Muchas Gracias!!