Friday, May 22, 2009

INSEAD's Second life Info. session

I'm so sleepy right now that i might type in what i'm currently dreaming!! I woke up today at 3a.m. to attend INSEAD's online information session. The session was preceded my a Master class and was scheduled at 9am GMT+1!!! That meant i had to wake up at 3am to catch the session.

Nevertheless, the session was extremely useful. Apart from the general information about INSEAD (which you can find on the school's brochure) there was an elaborate Q&A session. I had a chance to clear many of my questions. One thing that they kept saying was "Dont worry too much about your GMAT. As long as your score are over the 70th percentile on both Q and V, you are good." Thats really a good news especially coming from the admissions staff. They also provided statistics of their class of '09 placements. I wonder how come the recession never affected INSEAD!!! hmmm.

So overall it was worth waking up that early. Oh and for ppl who are not familiar with "second life" its like a virtual world where you create an 'avatar' and you can roam around the second-life-world. It allows you to teleport to various places from Harvard University to the streets of Japan, virtually ofcourse.

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