Sunday, September 26, 2010

Time Management

I decided that this should be my first post on my MBA experience here at IESE Business School - Time Management. This is by far the most important trait that one has to learn or will learn at a business school. I figured out that I am not the most qualified of people to speak about time management, so I'm attaching a video by the legendary (late) Prof.Randy Pausch giving one of the best lectures on Time Management. Unfortunately this legend passed away on July 25, 2008 due to complications from pancreatic cancer.

You can find more lecture videos of Prof.Randy Pausch here.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I love British Airways!

The day of an international flight is the day one is most anxious especially if you are traveling as a student. I was too, on the 24th of Aug. as i frantically finished my final packing. I always believed packing is an art and an acquired skill. But thank god, my mom is a born packer. So after weighing my 2 bags and hoping that British Airways wouldn't have a problem with 5 extra kilos, I started to check-in online. After two unsuccessful attempts of trying to check-in online, I called BA to see if my flight would actually be flying the next morning.

I spoke to a nice lady and before hanging up i asked her about my extra baggage weight. The following conversation transpired between us:

Me: I'm going to Spain to study and I have a lot of stuff that i would like to carry. So do you mind if I put 5 extra kilos on my bags?

BA: Are you aware of the Students offer with BA?

Me (obviously surprised and curious): No what is it? (hoping the discount would be on the weight)

BA: Thro' this offer you can carry another bag weighing 23kilos along with your 2 bags of 23 kilos ea.

Me: aaaaaaaaaa...... dddid you say an extra bag?

BA: All you have to do is give me is your visa number for verification.

Me (running in excitement to grab my passport): Sure, my visa number is ..........

BA: Alright then you are all set. Hope you have a great flight!

Now thats what i call a student friendly flight!

18 hours later........

I arrive at the airport with my three bags loaded into a cart barely able to see whats in front of the cart. I go thro' the scanning and reach the check in place. And another interesting conversation takes place....

BA: Hello. can i have ur ticket and passport please.

Me: Sure. (I give her the ticket and passport)

BA: Sir can you wait for some time as our systems are not yet ready to log you in as a student! If you could bare with me for 15mins, i'll check you in and you will be able to carry all the three bags.

Me: Sure I'm in no hurry..
(This is why you need to get there 3 hrs before the flight time!)

After 15mins...

Me: Are you ready to check me in?

BA: Yes sure.

Then she goes on a typing spree and finally looks at me and says:

BA: Sir, you are all set. We are giving you a complementary upgrade to the Club class! Here is your boarding pass and have a nice flight!

Club class!! 15 hours of flying in Club class. I couldn't have asked for more.

And as you might have expected I have a nice, and comfortable flight with all the goodies. Hmm when i come to think of it, i think they forgot my request for a pedicure. He he just kidding!

Anyways, that was my flight experience and right now I'm all settled in the most amazing city of Barcelona. I'll update you on my experience here at my first week at IESE in my next post.

Till then take is easy and keep it cool!