Tuesday, May 19, 2009

GMAT classes - if you are on a budget!!!

Disclaimer: This post is not meant as any form of advertising for the services mentioned in the post. It is based truly on my own views from my personal experience. You may take it as a suggestion from a friend.

Some times it doesn't work your way. Sometimes you might need a little outside help, and thats why we, while preparing for the GMAT, read blogs, post questions, discuss in online forums or hire a tutor or join a coaching class. But for me this is not possible. I am on a strict budget and I cannot hire any services. All i spend is on books. Then i found the GMATFix Live online classes. I have attended 4 classes and found them to be very useful. Some tricks and tips that are not in the prep-books could come from a class and a trained veteran in test taking. Patrick, who conducted these classes, was one such trained veteran. One of the things that i like about the Live classes was the overall 'NO BS' feel that came from the classes. The classes are pretty straight forward - Some tips and take aways, followed by some examples to get you familiar with the concept and then straight on to GMAT questions from the Official Guide. Where one can (as i normally do) bombard Patrick with all the questions and get his reasoning and thereby understand the topic. I really liked that.

Pretty good for a class isn't it. But thats not the best part. The best part is that 5 of his 16 (i believe) classes are free and the other classes are $19.99. I obviously have signed up for all of his free classes and after being through 4 of them i think i'm going to sign up for some of his paid ones too!!

So if you want to get some outside help and if you dont have the big bucks, and if you want to cut the philosophy of GMAT test taking and need straight-to-the-point help on topics, then you should check out this. http://www.gmatfix.com/

Oh talking about that i gotta go and catch up with my number properties. So till then if you have any questions hit me with it. I'll be here!! :)


  1. I will be going to adelphi soon for my ammba, im really excited. When its time for the GMAT, ill take you advice, thanks


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