Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Going back to Basics - A few new tools for retake.

So after my unsatisfactory performance in the GMAT, I've decided to bounce back with a new strategy. There were a few areas where i was not 100% fluent and this resulted in some serious time wastage during the test.

Problem 1: Although Quant is my strong hold, I find that word problems and number properties are my weakest links. I need to rebuild my foundation on these topics to a point where i dont have to sit at think of a way to approach them during the test. I need that "Ahha" feeling whenever i see those problems in the test.
Solution - Topic specific preparation and for this i have bought the Manhattan GMAT strategy guides for Number properties and Word Translation.
Preparation length - 2 weeks

Problem 2: I nail those easy problems but a tough one can mislead me. So i need sufficient practice of those toughies..
Solution: EZ Solutions Advanced Math Workbook. I have read many good reviews about this book for tough quant questions. One of them read "After finishing this book, OG11 was a walk in the park"
Preparation length: Throught the preparation period

Problem 3: I easily fall into traps of the tough SC questions - Questions where the entire sentence is underlined, or questions where there are multiple modifiers, multiple clauses etc. I get confused.
Solution: A second review of the Manhattan Gmat's SC guide.
Preparation length: 2 weeks

Problem 4: Inconsistent performance in RC.
Solution: Practice passages from OG-11 and OG-Verbal review, and read The NY Times everyday.
Preparation length: Everyday throughout the preparation period.

So as i mentioned, I need to go back to my basics and built my foundation. Although officially my prep. has already started, my study time table would start from 5/7/09. I haven't booked my test date yet but i've decided to do it next week after deciding on how long i need to prepare this time.


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    Came across your blog thru informative one indeed!! Hope you get your dream score...Even I have started my GMAT preparation recently...

  2. All d best swthrt....keep up d gud work..


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