Thursday, February 26, 2009

What did i learn from the Diagnostic test - Verbal

I know i'm due with this post, but couldn't find time to scribble!!!

Although i was a bit behind my schedule with the the diagnostic test, i managed the verbal test early this week. The preparation was based on the MGMAT SC guide and the CR review from OG. Practice was purely from OG11. Honestly, i invested no time to prepare for RC. I went through my favorite GMAT forum ( and read some posts on RC.

The outcome - We'll i dont know if i had expected this, but i was really good with RC with a strike rate of over 70% considering my prep or rather lack of it. I was rated Above Average with only 4 questions wrong. SC was not bad but was not good either; I was rated as Above Average but just barely. I need to put in more hours practicing.. CR was a total disaster!!! I managed to score only 7 correct out of 17 questions - an unacceptable score, considering that i had got better strike rates while practicing. I was rated Average..

What did i learn - Well for most part i think, RC was kind to me with 2 long and 2 short passages. It took me 31 mins to solve 4x4=16 questions. Just under 2 mins. Not bad but had the passages been any longer, i would have crossed the sacred 2 min margin!!!
SC needs more work to be done, but then my MGMAT SC book is a work in progress i think as i go through the book i'll be at a better stand. CR needs some seriously practice.. Since one cannot really make flash cards for this section, i guess only practice will make me perfect or atleast close to perfect. I think I'll mod my study plan to make room for some extra work on the CR section.

So what next - Currently i'm working on 2 books. The Kaplan Math Workbook and the MGMAT SC guide. Almost on alternate days.. This coming sunday would be a big day for me as i'm planning to take my first CAT test - the GMATPrep 1. I'm definitely looking forward for it, and hopefully i'll learn a thing or two about my prep after Sunday!!

Will update after the CAT..

Till then, Study hard and play less!!! :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What did i learn from the Diagnostic test - Quant

So with 1 1/2 weeks of reviewing quant, from OG and Kaplan800 i took my first test - The Diagnostic test (Problem solving and Data Sufficiency) from the OG.

Result - I got an "Above Average" rating according to OG on both the PS and DS sections. I got 7 questions wrong in PS and 8 wrong in DS. Not too bad but certainly not something to shout about!!

What i learnt - "Read the questions carefully". About 75% of the questions that i answered incorrectly were due silly mistakes by not reading the questions correctly. When i reviewed the answers I was telling myself "Come on, that was just stupid". I either didn't notice what actually was asked or I made silly mistakes - one such mistake was when i calculated 8/2 and answered 6!!! ya i know, stupid indeed!! Other times i solved for x and picked the answer when the question was to find the value of x-squared!!!
The other 15% of the mistakes were because i was simply going around the problem and complicating it when the answer was quiet simple. That may be because i'm an Engineer!!! ;) The rest of the 10% of the mistakes that i made was because i simply didn't know how to approach the problem. I was happy about such mistakes (at this point of the preparation) because i got a chance to learn them and I would avoid them in the future.

This week's plan - According to my game plan, this week, its going to be Verbal. I have started with the Manhattan Gmat Sentence Correction Strategy guide and boy am i learning stuff!!! The book is very elaborate and would definitely improve your SC skills. I'm also planning to cover the CR in the next couple of days from OG and then i'll take the Verbal Diagnostic test.

So will be back with my verbal diagnostic test performance and the lessons learnt.

Till then work hard and play harder..

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Welcome Relief - Ski Trip

Hello world,

The second week has gone by and my preparation, i believe, is going good. I managed to put in about 3 hrs of study on an avg. during the week days but I went to a SKI trip with my GF during the week end.

Yup the ski trip was amazing. We went to ELK mountains in Pennsylvania, a very beautiful place to ski. Being the President's day weekend i could see a huge crowd. I, being a beginner, totally loved their beginner trail. Great place to learn to ski. After squeezing out all the energy we had skiing on saturday, we had a nice dinner at Friendly's and went to bed after knocking a couple of Sam Adams!! Sunday was again a beautiful day and we decided to do something on the lighter side and so we agreed on Horse-back riding. Both of us being animal lovers, had no issues with this. We drove to Honesdale, PA where we found this beautiful place called TripleWstables. Wow what a place. It in the middle of woods and we had to drove a mile and a half on dirt road to get there. And believe me the drive was incredible!!! After all the signing-up and formalities, we were assigned Casanova and Golden, two beautiful horses. After an hour and a half of blissful horse riding n' striding through woods, narrow streams and country dirt roads we drove back home to Jersey!!

So that was my amazing weekend. Anyways coming back to my preps, ehhh, well a little behind schedule but not too much, I'm planning to take the Quant Diagnostic test today which was earlier scheduled during the weekend. I'll be starting my verbal review by tomorrow.

How to i feel now? Much more confident than week one. The Kaplan 800 has a lot of great tips and techniques like the backsolving and number picking, which really helped me reduce my time on each question. I definitely feel the improvement over a week. I hope that improvement would continue along the corse of my study.

So thats it from me for week 2. Will update with my Quant diagnostic results.

Till then take it easy.


Monday, February 9, 2009

First Week - Preparation

My first week started out with developing a game plan for preparing for the GMAT. I would certainly recommend the forum This forum basically got me started out on what the GMAT is and the resources and info that i got from this forum were simply amazing.

Since i cannot afford any GMAT courses, i developed a self study plan. This plan utilizes the following books/materials
1. The official Guide for GMAT review (amazon link)
2. Kaplan GMAT 800 (amazon link)
3. Kaplan GMAT Math Workbook (amazon link)
4. ManhattanGMAT sentence correction guide (amazon link)
5. Manhattan GMAT Practice exams (Link)
6. GMATPrep (Download from
7. Flash cards - I highly recommend preparing your own flash cards, a very useful tool for daily review.

My first week also included a complete review of the Quant section of GMAT. I used the OG (hereon refers to the Official Guide for GMAT) to review the maths that i had learnt in my high school. I prepared flash cards for the points that i felt i need to review everyday.

How am i doing - well i think its too early to say but for know i think i'm on track.

For those interested, here is my GMAT game plan that i created - Download

Plan for week 2 -
Practice the quant section - problem solving and data sufficiency. my target is atleast 50 questions on each section and by the end of the week i plan to take my first diagnostic test from the OG to know how good i am at quant.

Thats it for now. Will be back with more updates in a week.

Wish me luck with the practice :)



Hello Everybody,

This is Hari. I'm 25 as of today and i've started this blog to log my performances, my study techniques, prep for GMAT, and to record my roadmap to the Business school (not yet sure which one) that i would be attending in a year or two.

I hope this blog would not only be a way of portraying my progress but also help some one who is aspiring to get into a top Business school. This blog would contain my weekly status on my GMAT preparation until MAY (when i'll be taking my GMAT) and from then on my Admission strategy to various Business Schools that i'll be applying. I hope and pray that this journey would lead me to a good Business school.

I would gladly accept comments and would try to respond in areas where i have knowledge on.