Monday, June 1, 2009

A 700 in GMATPrep, pretty good ain't it!!!!

The great optimist that i am, I'm pretty happy with the way things are going lately. Took a gmatprep yesterday and scored a 700 (Q48 V38). The quant started off with some easy candies but then slowly the questions started becoming tougher. The last 10 questions were all word problems. And actually i had to guess and move on with the last 3-4 ones to finish on time. So for the most part, word problems = upper bin problems. Need to work on them. Verbal was actually very stable. I got less number of wrong answers in verbal than quant. But couldn't finish it as the time ran out when i finished the 39th question.

Overall, i'm happy with the results and with that positive note I'm going on to week 5 - the practice drill week. Every day this week I'm planning to practice (timed ofcourse) a set of Verbal questions from OG-12 and a set of quant questions - EZ solutions, GMATClub test (oh actually these contain awesome upper-bin questions).

And btw did i tell you that i attended the IE Business school's information session last week in NYC. The event organizer was an alumni and she was great in answering all our questions. If you are wondering why i went to an Info session of a Spanish school - well you'll have to wait till my i'm done with GMAT, which is when i'll post my target schools and my reasons for picking them :)

Take care and be well!!


  1. Coincidentally I got a 700 on GMATPrep tonight too! But Q46V40. Good job!

  2. You guys both need to get a life... nobody cares about your scores! Clearly you're indians, otherwise you would have done better in the verbal. we need less quant geeks here and more people who learn the language.

  3. 700 is a good score. Cracking GMAT exam with good score is never easy, so those preparing for exam then they should put extra efforts in their preparation.

    Best Regards

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