Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Haunted by those careless mistakes? Avoid them.

This is by far the worst nightmare of anyone taking the GMAT test - The careless Mistakes. And indeed, i'm no exception. Careless mistakes are on an average costing me from 10 to 30 points on the GMAT practice tests and with a hope to overcome such disasters i'm going think aloud and write down some points that i need to keep in mind while taking the test.

1. Read a question once and read whats actually been asked twice. You might be able to solve for "x" but is the question asking for x or X-5?

2. Think before jumping in to solve. Maybe the question is way too easier that you anticipate. Yesterday i took a test and there was a question asking me to find the coordinates for a point C. I started off solving but through the mid way i figured out that C is in the III quadrant and so the value is x should be positive and Y should be negative. Guess what there was only one option matching this criteria!!! So think before you act!!!

3. Go easy when solving equations. There were more that a couple of instances when i made silly mistakes like 6/2=4 when i solved an equation in a hurry. So take it easy and concentrate. These easy questions are the stepping stones to a good score.

4. Analyze all the options vertically for SC questions. Find the differences and eliminate rather than going by the ear. A 3:2 question is your best friend.

5. Take a deep breath when the RC passage is as dry as the sand of sahara!! Do not loose focus as this is your golden chance to maximize your score!! Silly mistakes happen more often when the brain is tired!!

6. Smile when the questions become merciless!!

There maybe more ways to avoid silly mistakes but i think if i can keep these in mind I'll be able to improve my score drastically.


  1. Yup, take a deep breath n smile...:)

  2. The little objects are bringing about more of the values which will even bring more of the probabilities which are said to be of utmost values.