Monday, April 13, 2009

BTG scholarship - a blessing for test takers.

BeattheGmat scholarship is THE best of its kind for b-school applicants and test takers. With 5 scholarships, offering $500 cash prizes, a whole course with Manhattan GMAT and a chance to take the help of Stacy Blackman consulting firm's advice on your essay, these are probably the most sort after scholarships in the GMAT world today. And it goes without saying that I'm one of the thousands of aspirants applying to it. I recommend everyone planning to apply to B-schools in the near future to apply to this. Not only does it give you a chance to get this revered scholarship but also it gives you an opportunity to brainstorm and practice your essays.

More details can be found at on this link ->


  1. Thanks so much for sharing information about this scholarship with your readers! One clarification: over $14K in prizes are available for 5 winners. Each winner will get $500 cash along with an MGMAT course and/or Stacy Blackman Consulting services.

    Deadline to apply is May 8.

    Thanks again!

    Founder, Beat The GMAT

  2. Thanks Eric for the clarification.. And such a fine deed should be shared with everyone :)