Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Whats with me and 650?

Is it my safe place or my happy place? I have no idea. Yup i'm talking about my GMAT practice test score. Another 650!!! I recently took the PowerPrep test 1. Ya you heard it right, i took the GMAT's last generation CAT practice test. I got this software from one of my forums and i thought even if they contain old GMAT questions, thats fine; they are GMAT questions after all. I came across some questions that i have already seen in the OG 11. But atleast 80% of the questions were new and gave me something new to practice on.

Coming to my score - i scored 45 in quant (my highest yet yaaaeehhh) and a 32 on verbal :((. Now i noticed one thing with power prep software. It valued only 28 of the 37 questions in quant and 33 of the 41 ques in verbal and the rest were considered experimental. I didn't quite like that coz it was just meant for practice & i would've preferred if it would have verified those experimental ones too. But whatever.... So i got 7 wrong in quant and 11 wrong in verbal. I made some mistakes that i could have avoided. Damn it. But like always i reviewed all the questions and making sure that i understand the inside story and the technique and made sure that these mistakes wont happen again.

Now i have 2 more CATs from GMAC.. GMATPrep 2 and PowerPrep 2. Planning to take the power prep next week and the GMATPrep2 during the second last week. Oh btw I'm on to my last week of GMAT prep. Next month at this time i'll be busy biting my nails and wiping my sweat out at the Pearson center. I have made a last month game plan for my prep which i'll save for another post.

So this week (according to my last month plan) its going to be a mixed work out - 3 days for verbal and 3 days for Quant. I also have planned one GMATFocus test this week mostly i'll take that tomorrow. The main CAT for this weekend is the dreaded MGMAT CAT!!! I seriously hope to do better in that!! wish me luck...

Peace out everybody!!


  1. :) Good Luck
    What is your target GMAT Score?

    You may want to consider getting some Verbal books (SC or CR specific). Here are a few suggestions:

    You can also try the PowerPrep - that's previous generation of GMAT Prep - it is also free and also pretty accurate:

    You can do it!

  2. nice to see a 2010 applicant blog, I am in the same boat as you.

  3. Be strong... If you see that your quant scores are where you want them to be, you might want to focus more of your time on verbal... It is proven that in the real test, verbal scores impact your overall score more significantly than quant score, so it's really essential to do well there. Don't forget to take a break between quant and verbal and eat something sweet and drink a little, and the key is to remain focused! Once you're done with the quant, you start feeling more relaxed because it is the notoriously hard part, but it's really important to stay completely focused until the very last question of verbal. Good luck!

  4. @Bogdan,

    Hey thanks for your suggestions. My target is in the range of 680 to 720. Actually the 650 that i scored was on Power prep cat.

  5. @ OMGparishilton,

    Nice title!!! btw thanks for commenting and its nice to see you too being a 2010 applicant. please do keep in touch..

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