Monday, April 13, 2009

Its not a 700 but close.....

I was happy yesterday when i completed my 4th MGMAT Cat. I scored a 670 (Q46, V35) which is my highest score yet. Now i feel that i can actually crack the monster.

Again this time, the quant section was very lengthy and to be honest i had to pause the timer as there was now way one could have solved some of the problems in 2mins. But, the experience was wothwhile. Silly errors were limited this time as expected after taking more than 7 CATs. There were a few questions in Combinations and probability that chock me. Two things that i learnt and had applied were plugging in numbers and backsolving. Infact these techniques saved me a lot of time when dealing with complicated word problems and VICs.

The verbal was not bad at all. Thanks to Manhattan GMAT's SC guide, i have managed to bring my strick rate up on the SC. RCs turned out to be unpredictable. I usually manage to nail the easy ones but a tough RC can throw me off balance. The solution is simply - practice which i'm planning to do this week. I am going to do 4 RCs everyday of this week, hopefully that should take care of the RC section. Since i've exhausted all my CR questions from the Official guides, i'm going to rely on the CR questions posted in various forums like BTG.

With exactly 3 more weeks of prep left, I am going shift to top gear more from this week. This week would involve redoing all the questions that i got wrong from the OG. I'm glad i made an error log containing the questions that i got wrong while practice. So this week's to-do list would be:
* CR question bank from MGMAT
* 4 RCs everyday from OG
* GMATFocus test 3


  1. I know this advice may be counter to everything you've learned, but what worked for me wasn't so much focusing on 2 min PER question, but focusing on AVERAGING 2 min per question. I would start a timer and just do XX problems. When I was gone, I'd check to make sure I was within the average time.

    Another piece of unsolicited advice... know when to cut your losses. Sometimes it's not worth it to stress yourself out on a question. Occasionally, you have to take your best guess and move on. (Ideally when you're NOT on question 1) ;)

  2. @ JulyDream,

    Thanks a lot for your words of advise. I am infact practice with a set of problems and evaluating the average time spent on the set. The reason i adopted this is coz it was much less of a hassle. Glad to know that you recommend this method. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your valuable comments.

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