Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Great tool for GMAT Prep - An error log.

All the debriefs that i read of successful GMAT-beaters, recommend keeping a log of all the wrong answers while practicing. I never realized the significance and value of this until today. Yes, i had been keeping an Error Log and have logged all the questions that i got wrong while going thro' the Official Guides.

This week I started to re-visit all those questions that i got wrong. Surprisingly, i found that while redoing all those questions, i made the same exact mistakes as the previous time especially in the SC section. Then i went back and reviewed the answers and this time i nailed my mistakes. I now know for sure the reason that i picked a wrong answer and this knowledge is very very important. I repeat the knowledge of why I picked the wrong answer is extremely important. I also know for sure that in future i would never make the same mistake - after two times you gotta learn from them right?!!

I would have made the same darn mistakes if i faced those question in the real test. But now thanks to this excellent tool i would never again make those mistakes again!!!

Here is how i made an error log. I took a spreadsheet and made four columns and named them Question number, Reasons for mistake, Re-take - Correct/wrong and Comments. I created 4 similar spreadsheets with the same columns and logged in the data every time i solved a set of questions from the four sections - PS, DS, SC, and CR.

Hope this would help others in their prep too.


  1. You're on the right track. This is by far the most important step in GMAT preparation. All the best !

  2. Hey thanks a lot for that comment. I hope i'm going in the right direction.

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  4. An error log is very important. I think spending a lot of time thinking about your errors and trying your best to avoid those errors in the future is a big key to improvement. Check out more of my thoughts at How to Study for the GMAT.

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