Thursday, February 26, 2009

What did i learn from the Diagnostic test - Verbal

I know i'm due with this post, but couldn't find time to scribble!!!

Although i was a bit behind my schedule with the the diagnostic test, i managed the verbal test early this week. The preparation was based on the MGMAT SC guide and the CR review from OG. Practice was purely from OG11. Honestly, i invested no time to prepare for RC. I went through my favorite GMAT forum ( and read some posts on RC.

The outcome - We'll i dont know if i had expected this, but i was really good with RC with a strike rate of over 70% considering my prep or rather lack of it. I was rated Above Average with only 4 questions wrong. SC was not bad but was not good either; I was rated as Above Average but just barely. I need to put in more hours practicing.. CR was a total disaster!!! I managed to score only 7 correct out of 17 questions - an unacceptable score, considering that i had got better strike rates while practicing. I was rated Average..

What did i learn - Well for most part i think, RC was kind to me with 2 long and 2 short passages. It took me 31 mins to solve 4x4=16 questions. Just under 2 mins. Not bad but had the passages been any longer, i would have crossed the sacred 2 min margin!!!
SC needs more work to be done, but then my MGMAT SC book is a work in progress i think as i go through the book i'll be at a better stand. CR needs some seriously practice.. Since one cannot really make flash cards for this section, i guess only practice will make me perfect or atleast close to perfect. I think I'll mod my study plan to make room for some extra work on the CR section.

So what next - Currently i'm working on 2 books. The Kaplan Math Workbook and the MGMAT SC guide. Almost on alternate days.. This coming sunday would be a big day for me as i'm planning to take my first CAT test - the GMATPrep 1. I'm definitely looking forward for it, and hopefully i'll learn a thing or two about my prep after Sunday!!

Will update after the CAT..

Till then, Study hard and play less!!! :)


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