Monday, February 16, 2009

A Welcome Relief - Ski Trip

Hello world,

The second week has gone by and my preparation, i believe, is going good. I managed to put in about 3 hrs of study on an avg. during the week days but I went to a SKI trip with my GF during the week end.

Yup the ski trip was amazing. We went to ELK mountains in Pennsylvania, a very beautiful place to ski. Being the President's day weekend i could see a huge crowd. I, being a beginner, totally loved their beginner trail. Great place to learn to ski. After squeezing out all the energy we had skiing on saturday, we had a nice dinner at Friendly's and went to bed after knocking a couple of Sam Adams!! Sunday was again a beautiful day and we decided to do something on the lighter side and so we agreed on Horse-back riding. Both of us being animal lovers, had no issues with this. We drove to Honesdale, PA where we found this beautiful place called TripleWstables. Wow what a place. It in the middle of woods and we had to drove a mile and a half on dirt road to get there. And believe me the drive was incredible!!! After all the signing-up and formalities, we were assigned Casanova and Golden, two beautiful horses. After an hour and a half of blissful horse riding n' striding through woods, narrow streams and country dirt roads we drove back home to Jersey!!

So that was my amazing weekend. Anyways coming back to my preps, ehhh, well a little behind schedule but not too much, I'm planning to take the Quant Diagnostic test today which was earlier scheduled during the weekend. I'll be starting my verbal review by tomorrow.

How to i feel now? Much more confident than week one. The Kaplan 800 has a lot of great tips and techniques like the backsolving and number picking, which really helped me reduce my time on each question. I definitely feel the improvement over a week. I hope that improvement would continue along the corse of my study.

So thats it from me for week 2. Will update with my Quant diagnostic results.

Till then take it easy.



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