Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What did i learn from the Diagnostic test - Quant

So with 1 1/2 weeks of reviewing quant, from OG and Kaplan800 i took my first test - The Diagnostic test (Problem solving and Data Sufficiency) from the OG.

Result - I got an "Above Average" rating according to OG on both the PS and DS sections. I got 7 questions wrong in PS and 8 wrong in DS. Not too bad but certainly not something to shout about!!

What i learnt - "Read the questions carefully". About 75% of the questions that i answered incorrectly were due silly mistakes by not reading the questions correctly. When i reviewed the answers I was telling myself "Come on, that was just stupid". I either didn't notice what actually was asked or I made silly mistakes - one such mistake was when i calculated 8/2 and answered 6!!! ya i know, stupid indeed!! Other times i solved for x and picked the answer when the question was to find the value of x-squared!!!
The other 15% of the mistakes were because i was simply going around the problem and complicating it when the answer was quiet simple. That may be because i'm an Engineer!!! ;) The rest of the 10% of the mistakes that i made was because i simply didn't know how to approach the problem. I was happy about such mistakes (at this point of the preparation) because i got a chance to learn them and I would avoid them in the future.

This week's plan - According to my game plan, this week, its going to be Verbal. I have started with the Manhattan Gmat Sentence Correction Strategy guide and boy am i learning stuff!!! The book is very elaborate and would definitely improve your SC skills. I'm also planning to cover the CR in the next couple of days from OG and then i'll take the Verbal Diagnostic test.

So will be back with my verbal diagnostic test performance and the lessons learnt.

Till then work hard and play harder..

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