Monday, March 2, 2009

First GMAT CAT - Not a good start but i'll catch up!!

So, i've given my first GMAT CAT. I took the GMATPrep 1 yesterday, I skipped the Essays but did the Quant and Verbal back to back without taking any breaks. And this was the first timed test that i've taken. Contrary to my game plan, which was to take the test untimed, GMATPrep tests cannot be taken untimed. I'm actually happy that i did it this way coz now i know where i should pool-in my efforts..

I scored a dismissive 580 in the test - 36 in Quant and 26 in verbal. I could not complete the 41 questions in verbal in the allotted time. I managed to complete only 38. So i guess the software penalized me for not completing. Quant section was actually easier than i thought. Without the time breathing behind my neck, i would have probably gotten somewhere between 25 to 30 questions correct. Because of the time restriction i had to hurry up which led to some silly mistakes that i commited. There were some questions, maybe 2 or 3, that i stumbled and which i would classify as "no idea" types. But i took a calculated guess and turned out to be right. So the wrong ones were due to my own lack of practice!!! Verbal section was ok. It was a bit tough, and there were times when i failed to eliminate more than 3 answer choices. Also, I think i had difficulty in focussing on the passage for the RC questions.. Obviously i need more preparation on the SC and CR parts, to gain speed and improve my hit rate. I reviewed all the answers in both the sections and i think i'm sure of all the concepts that were asked in the test and the way to approach now.

What did i learn - For starters, i need to time myself during practices. I need to gain speed on questions that are easy. I have downloaded a "GMAT practice grid" file from my fav. beatthegmat forum!! I think this would help me time myself when i'm practicing. Second, I definitely need to solve a lot of problems in DS. When i saw a question in the test, i know that i know the concept and how to solve it, but since i had not solved a similar question, its takes some time to find the right approach.. I would get this skill by more and more practice.
In the verbal section, the issue was with timing. So my strategy would be more timed practice.

Short term goal (This week) - Introduce a mixed workout section. 10 questions each from PS, DS, SC and CR. Use the Practice grid, time the practice and review all answers.

Long term goal (this month) - Complete Kaplan Math Workbook and MGMAT SC guide. Complete atleast 50 questions with review in each section from the OG11.

I hope the approach would provide me with some good practice and help me manage my time better. Now since I'm taking a GMAT CAT every Sunday, I'll be able to gain much insight from my studies.

So this week since i haven't quiet figured out one exact weakness its going to be a mixed workout of my various muscles!!!! Hopefully after this sunday (when i'll be taking the MGMAT 1) i'll be able to pin point on one weakness and be able to focus on that muscle!!!


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