Monday, September 14, 2009

The MBA Fair, my travel experience and applications.

The last weekend i attended an MBA fair conducted by the MBA Tour. I had a chance to meet with the adcom reps of various schools and discuss my application and my fit with the schools.

From my experience here are some tips to make the most out of an MBA Fair:

1. Preparation: Do your research well in advance and come prepared to the fair. get the schedule and highlight the presentations that you want to attend and dont forget to research well on the schools in which you are interested.

2. Ask questions: you will never get the attention unless you initiate conversation. So prepare questions that you want to ask the representatives. But never make the mistake of asking questions whose answer you could easily find on their website. Here are some of the worst questions you could ask:
* Do you have exchange programs?
* Whats your tuition fees?
* When is your application deadline?
* What did you say your school's name was?? (this may sound funny but one guy actually asked this in the middle of the presentation..)
These questions give a feeling that you are not really interested in the program and have not even taken the pains to check their website.

3. Network: These events are a great networking opportunity. Be sure to carry extra copies of your resumes and your Business cards. If you dont have a b-card - Make one!!

4. Small talk: Be prepared to make small talk and never feel shy to socialize. I met this lady at the lobby and started a conversation. 10 mins into the conversation i realize that she is the Associate dean of admission for one of my target schools!!

5. Dress to Impress: Dress appropriately. You are going to this fair coz your are interested in a business program. So act like a professional. Formal attire or at least business casuals would convey a good message.

6. Eat well: The events last for a whole day and believe me it is really tiring!! So make sure to drink lot of fluids and eat well whenever you get a chance. Make sure you are as fresh at 4pm as you were at 9am!!


My Vegas Trip

Like i mentioned in my previous post i had been to Las Vegas!! I also made it to the Grand Canyon and Zion national park. This definitely is the most amazing vacation i've ever had!! Had lot of fun. Here are some recommendation based on my experience:

* If you are in Vegas make sure to have at least one buffet at the strip. They are all normally good but my recommendation is Le Village Buffet at the Paris hotel!!

* Book your rental car from your own place of residence. Rental car costs at Vegas are ridiculous!!

* If you are in Vegas, make sure you visit the Grand Canyon and/or Zion National park. One of a kind - must see.

* If you gamble weekdays are the best time. Minimum bets are really half of what they are during weekends.

* And finally if you can AVOID US Airways - They have the crappiest of service!!

On the Applications end, I am almost done with my INSEAD essays. Just a few final adjustments remaining. I also have started my essay for HKU MBA program. So hopefully that would be second in line followed closely by ESADE. Will keep you all updated with the latest.

So thats it for now. Have a great week ahead!!

zài jiàn


  1. Well said Chambdu...!! :)

  2. The trip sounds great.

    Accepted recently posted on its blog interviews with the heads of The MBA Tour ( ) and The World MBA Tour ( ) and each CEO gave tips on making the most of the fairs. Your insights are wonderful, but you might also appreciate this perspective.


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