Monday, September 28, 2009

INSEAD - Done!!

Finally today at exactly 12pm I hit the submit button and my application has made its way into the admission committee's file cabinet - Fingers, toes, arms and tentacles crossed. I believe I have given my best in the application and i hope my recommenders have supported my essays too. This moment was very exciting but at the same time, since it is my first application, i was nervous too. Now that i have lost total control over the admission process, the wait begins!!


  1. All the best hari..keep fingers crossed :)

  2. @Eric, Thanks a lot.. Long time since i heard from you..

    @samarpan, Thank you very much. yes indeed my fingers are crossed :)

  3. Good luck Hari! Keep updating us!

  4. Thanks Prasanna, and yes i'll translate every movement here in the blog!!! :)

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  6. congrats buddy. wish you luck!