Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Selecting B-schools and stepping into the essays!!

After much thought and career analysis I have made one decision which made the b-school selection task a tad easier. I have decided not to apply to any of the American b-schools. Don't get me wrong here, American schools are great, but they just don't fit into my needs and goals. Here are the reasons why i made such a decision:
1. My desire to work in Asia
2. 2year program = more $$$
3. My requirement for an international program
4. Student diversity - the most diverse program in US would probably have around 25% of its students from outside US as opposed to schools in EU and Asia where international students account for over 70% of the total intake.
5. Need for a change.

These reasons are not universal but it helped me make a decision. So what are the schools that passed my acid test?? Take a look:

* INSEAD - singapore (This might be a stretch)
* may be a couple of schools in China - need more research to be done..

* IE Business school
* Rotterdam
* ______ (TBD)
* ______ (TBD)

Hopefully this would be the list from which i'm going to apply to 6 schools, and hopefully I'll get into atleast one of them (fingers crossed)

I've started on my first essay which is my career post graduation. And like every applicant the first essay is bone crunching!! huh!!. I've become like a writer or a journalist carrying my scratch pad with me always and jotting down random thoughts. I have set a personal deadline to finish the first draft of 9 essays by 20th of this month. We'll see how it goes.


  1. My prayers are wit u Chambdu...:)
    U deserve to be where u wanna be...!!

  2. All the best hari. I am sure you will get into one of your dream schools :)

  3. All the best for your apps buddy. I have sent you an email, please reply when you get a chance.


  4. Ok brother..I gotto ask you this...You have shortlisted some 10 schools..Obviously you had an ocean to choose from and you took out a drop..
    Dont get me wrong here, i just want to know if buy some b-school guide that has all the schools listed out???
    Obviously, if you know the name of the school you learn more about it...Searching for something like..'Top B-schools to apply' or 'Best b-school for me' or 'Is this b-school the right choice' obviously dont make any sense..:) :)
    So, please tell the source for your ocean..
    Good luck...

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