Monday, August 24, 2009

Reaching out for information on B-schools.

Now that i'm done with my first draft of essays for INSEAD, the majority of my time is spend trying to reach out for information on the schools and finding more about their mba programs. The best sources of information about a business school are undoubtedly its current students and Alumni.

I've managed to get in touch with atleast one person from each school that i'm applying to with the exception of IESE and ESADE. Fortunately, all the people i tried reach out graciously agreed to talk to me and to answer my questions about the school and the program. Last week was and this week is tightly scheduled with phone calls all over the world. This way i think i'll have a good idea about the schools and an insider perspective of the programs they offer.. This information is extremely valuable for my essays, and the way i approach each application.

Another task this week is to revisit all the INSEAD essays and give it a nice polish. Hopefully my second draft would fill in gaps in the essays and increase the effectiveness of the information the essays deliver.


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