Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Essays, books, document collection and more..

This week has really been tiring, both physically and mentally.. Lots of thinking and lots of paper work. Phew.. I started off with INSEAD's essays, and needless to say its been exhausting. INSEAD requires you to write 8 essays and the toughest part is that it gives you only 250 words in most of them to put forth your entire autobiography. If you thought writing essays was a weekend job - think again..

I'm on my 6th essays - the treacherous cultural shock essay and hope to complete my first draft by this week. The reason why I started off with INSEAD essays first is mainly because of 2 reasons: 1. its deadline is the first to come 2. its exhaustive question set. Once i complete all my 8 essays i'd have my entire life - past, present and future in paper. This would form a solid foundation to work on my successive applications. The downside is that, as with any job, the more you do it the better you get. So my best application would be the one that i put together after 2 or 3 schools.. But i'm willing to take this chance as my odds of getting into INSEAD are kinda less, thanks to my splendid performance in GMAT!!

Getting your transcripts sounds easy right - Wrong. Especially if you've done your undergrads from India!! My university in India has atleast 100 ways of how to make things harder for you!!! What i dont understand is why are there so many rules? Its my transcript, and whats the big deal giving it to me. Hell I'm paying for it!!
Anyways I've done all the tap dancing needed for the transcripts and hopefully they will be on their way in another 2-3 weeks. I've also spoken to my 'recommenders' and they have no problem writing one (actually 8) for me.

Finally let me leave you with some book recommendations which would definitely make the application process less painful.
* "How to get into the top MBA programs" by Richard Montauk: This book is a direct substitute to an Admission consultant!! A must have..
* "MBA Admissions Strategy: From Profile Building to Essay Writing" by Avi Gordon: A very practical book on how to bring out your best in your essays.
* "Snapshots from Hell" by Peter Robinson: makes an excellent casual read. And you thought getting into a b-school was the difficult part..


  1. Keep up the good work Chambdu.... :)

  2. I'm so glad that I have been lucky enough to never have any problems getting transcripts.. there are already too many other things to worry about! :)

  3. @ Vrush, couldn't have done this without you!!

    @ Courtney, Wow thats good for you, the process of getting transcripts is a nightmare indeed..

    @ Rocky, thanks a lot pal..

  4. Snapshots from Hell..Well when you are prepared for MBA, it would give you all the reasons for why not to go for it..Lovely book
    6 Essays..phew..I'm stuck on first one for 2 weeks still not managed to write 500 words

  5. 8 essays, phew...

    all the best...which schools you finally decided to apply?


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