Monday, June 8, 2009

10 Days to go - Averaging at 7xx in practice tests

I never thought a practice test can bring so much joy and uplift your spirits so much until yesterday. I took a MGMAT practice test yesterday and scored a 730 (Q49 V41). When the score popped in the screen i said "woow". Although i'm really happy, i'm pretty nervous too as now i've raised the bar and my personal expectation is higher now!!! With 10 more days to go I am, simply put, pretty nervous and curious. I haven't finished reviewing the test yet but from the results i can say that although i made the same number of mistakes as last time (when i scored a 700), I got a lot of 700-800 level question correct and did not get more than 3 questions wrong back to back. This might be the reason why the score went higher than last time. This strenghtens the long held theory about GMAT that its not the number of questions you get right but the level of questions you get wrong which affects your score.

So I have finally entered the final round of preparations. This week I'll continue the practice drill as last week and will also review the questions from the Error log towards the end of the week. I have some word problem topics that i need to re-review from the MGMAT book. So hopefully this week I'll have lunch with some word problems!!! Sounds like fun, isn't it. Hope its worth the effort!!

Nothing more to shout about. Will try to update my status later this week. Till then peace out everybody!!


  1. Bravo!!!
    Congrats n GodBless Chambdu!!

  2. How have you done on GMAT Prep tests? As I wouldn't put too much stock in MGMAT tests - they are pretty screwy and not very good at predicting results.

  3. Well done! :)

    Btw, for how many hours do you study GMAT each day? Do you take leave from work to concentrate on GMAT?


  4. Thanks for the comments Mr.Anonymous1, Yes indeed the MGMAT results are not a good predictor but I do not predict my scores in the GMAT with the practice tests. I use them for the purpose of practice.

    @ Mr.Anonymous2: I tend to study for 2hours on weekdays after work. No i do not take off from work to study, although while at work if i get time, i do review using some prep books.

  5. He he thanks Rocky. Howz your week been??

  6. week has been down in terms of preps... i feel i have peaked at 720 and i honestly dont feel motivated to do more. not coz i feel 720 is an out of the world score, but because im losing about 20-30 points in simple errors.

    my strategy for the next few days is simply to practice few more tests, complete OG (i noticed some repeated mistakes i am making... will review each of those from a log i am keeping) and enjoy myself by reading a beautiful novel (norwegian wood by haruki murakami... highly recommended!)

    all the best for ur big day!

  7. Rocky, Thats a great plan. And i totally understand about the burnout.. Oh boy, I so much wanna get this over with!!! ;)

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