Monday, March 16, 2009

Finally i see some light, a ray of Hope.

Yesterday, i started off with the Manhattan GMAT CAT2. After doing 35 problems in quant and spending 74 minutes, i messed up with the browser and the test reset itself and the whole test became void. I got frustrated and went out of my house to get some fresh air to cool my heels and think of an alternative. I was determined to know where i stood after a week of Verbal grind. Thank God it was not cold outside. One cup of coffee, and the idea struck me. "Why not retake the GMATPrep1", i thought loud. So i opened the GMATPrep software and clicked on GMAT cat 1. I dont know what i did with it last time, the software never recorded my last test. So i went ahead with the CAT1. I did not want to touch the CAT2 and i was saving this for the last week of prep.

Surprisingly, i could not see any repetitions from the last time. I expected atleast 30% of the test to contain questions that i had already come across during my last attempt. But no. Atleast i didn't remember a single question, and i had to manually solve them. I was a bit tired to be honest as i had wasted 75 minutes concentrating on every quant question before voiding my MGMAT cat test. So i took some extra time with the questions which resulted in me not being able to complete the quant section. My time expired with 3 more quant questions to go. I did not worry much because what i really wanted to test was my Verbal status after studying verbal for a whole week and honestly, i worked hard.

I had a good start with verbal and was surprised to see 4 relatively short passages in RC. The SC and CR questions were not as difficult as it was to me last time. I finished with 1 minute to go, and i saw a 640 score this time. What made me happy was that my verbal score had jumped from 28 (last time) to 36 which was in the 80 percentile range. Quant was still stuck on to 41. I cant complain, i never touched the quant part whole of last week other than going through the flash cards that i had prepared.

I reviewed and found that my guessing ability by eliminating the wrong answers were much better now. Even in the quant questions this proved to be useful when i stumbled upon some toughies.. I would say that this week my weakness would be Quant, especially the percenteges, probability and number properties area!!!

So this is my plan of action for this week - Finish the Kaplan Math workbook. Practice 41 verbal questions (timed) everyday from the OG Verbal review book. Practice as many quant problem in the number properties and percentage section and learn the probability basics.

I have scheduled an onsite GMAT CAT test with Kaplan for this saturday. Although ppl consider Kaplan's test as more difficult than the G, I'd get some practice with the tougher questions.


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