Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mixed Emotions

Its 22nd August which means in 3 days from now, I'll be on a flight to Barcelona. I'm actually not sure what I'm feeling right now and as a matter of fact I never was for the past several days. I'm overjoyed at the prospect of starting my MBA journey, meeting all the wonderful people there and visiting a new city/country. But at the same time I'm starting to feel sad at the thought of leaving behind my wife, parents and my brother. It'll be the first time in the past 5 years that I'll be living away from her (wife) and the thought of it is very depressing. But as she says I guess I'll have to do this to get myself an MBA and a 100K+ job to finance her shopping list. Jokes apart, I know the move is going to be tough and I know I'm going to miss her dearly!

Anyways lemme not invite any tears here! Coming to my pre-MBA preparations, I have been very very busy lately with my financial accounting pre-course, which i hope to finish by tomorrow, and with my packing. You know what I realized, packing is not only uninteresting but also one of the most laborious tasks - take it from a GMAT three timer! You need to have the right set of skill and planning to fit in a cupboard, a pantry, half of the washroom and a mobile Circuit City inside a single baggage and still make it weigh 23 kgs. Lucky for me, my mom is a packing-genius!!

I hope to squeeze in one more post before I say adios to India. Till then take it easy!


  1. how could u be sure that u would land in a 100k+ job post mba? it's very well possible, but the fact that u mentioned that made the whole purpose of mba a lame excuse.

  2. Ha ha ha. My dear anonymous friend, looks like you are not much into humour and sarcasm :) My readers are well aware of my reasons for doing an MBA. If it was for a mere 100k+ job i wouldn't have quit my previous job honey!
    Anyways take care and thanks for dropping by.

  3. Hi Hari.. All the very best on your MBA .. You are gonna be cool n Barcelona.. I have been followng ur blog for a while but didnt get a chance to comment though.. So thought i would do now when you toggle between mixed emotions :) :)..Once again, you gonna rock in Spain !!! Take care and happy journey !!

  4. and btw forgot to mention this.. you are a kinda positive energy for me.. since i m also going to tak gmat for 3rd time very soon and looking for 2011 admission.. Tak care !!

  5. Thanks S-AK. I'm humbled by your kind words. BTW you write well - a nice blog you have there. :) All the best for your GMAT I'm sure your efforts will bear the right fruits. Best wishes for your applications too.

  6. Hey Hari,

    I can imagine the tug of war going on in your mind. I wish you all the very best. May your dreams come true.

    By the way, thank you for taking the time out to reply to my mail.

    Bon voyage.


  7. How is life in Barcelona thus far ?

  8. Hi hari,
    All the best for your MBA.By this time you must have reached Spain....

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