Monday, March 15, 2010

Thanks everybody - Now MoMA is 15000 strong!

I wanted to take this time to thank all you readers for your readership and for the trust you have showered upon me. Now this blog has passed 15,000 visits!

This blog has been an integral part of me throughout my MBA application journey. In the last post I was able to get some smashing feedback from you guys as to what you all like to read and one popular feedback was to continue blogging. I take this not as a compliment to my writing skills but as the trust and relationship I've developed over the past year with you people across the globe. Thank you once again for that!

Now at this point of blog's life, allow me to present to you some fun facts:

1. Total visits since Feb, 2009 - 15,0000

2. Top 3 most popular posts:
3. Top 3 referring sites:
4. Top keywords on google leading to my blog:
  • hari for mba
  • IESE Assessment Day
  • Preparing for admissions interview
  • gmatfix review
5. Top 5 countries from where my visitors come from:
  • USA
  • India
  • Singapore
  • UK
  • Canada
6. Total number of countries from where my visitors come from: 104 countries

7. Month with the most number of visitor till date: February, 2010 (Thats when i got my admit:)

8. Approximately, 30% of my total traffic are non-referral, i.e., they directly come to the website!

I would once again like to thank you for your readership and I hope continue to connect with you through the word of mouse!



  1. Now I see the power of google analytics :) Keep it going Hari.. :)

  2. He he absolutely. Its probably the best thing after the sliced bread - atleast for the internet geeks like me! :)

    Thanks and take care.

  3. Yuppie Chambdu... Herez to a million more!!

  4. whoa!! did u just sign a "loan forgiveness for employment" contract with REUTERS?? :D

  5. @Anasthaesium, thats funny. But nope, its just coz of my addiction to Web2.0 :)

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