Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life post admit.. pretty good, I should say. There are just so many things happening so fast. The most important of all is The Big Move!

I've been in the US for 5 years now and I enjoyed my time. A nice job, a decent car, the steady income, partying with friends - all this is going to come crashing down in a matter of weeks now. I'm quitting my job and moving back to India to spend some time with my family. The thought of the move, gives me nightmares. There are just so many things to do such as pay off credit cards, sell my stuff -my car especially, meet atleast ten thousand people to say good bye and wow I have 4 weeks to do that! But anyways, there is always a sweet pleasure in all this as there is something to look forward to - the change that i wanted.

On another note, last Monday I was like a kid in a chocolate factory jumping up and down. I got my brand new macbook and my android phone. The gadget freak that i am, I was on them till 2 in the morning. :)

Oh btw, I need your help on one thing. Please answer one question of mine. Thats it. Just one question and here it is - "What do you want me to write about?"
I thought instead of going on a clueless ranting spree, I should ask you guys what would you like to read? Anything relating to Business, management, MBA, GMAT, Application, Interview, technology, gadgets, books, life in the US, relocation or whatever you would like to read. So post your suggestions/questions/queries on the comment section below and I'll do my best to offer my views on the same in the form of a post. Thanks guys, appreciate it.

Take care.


  1. haha, I totally feel you! What I am gonna do with all the stuff I accumulated in the past 8

    btw, congrats on getting the new gadgets! :) I am waiting for a refresh of the Macbook still though...hopefully it will come out soon!

    in regards to the your blog, just keep writing about life, it's always interesting to see what other MBA students are going through, keep up the good work! :)

  2. Change is good! It gives you chances to keep evolving and weeding out impediments along the way. A fresh improved start at the turn of every change. Thats why I love it!!:)

    Keep writing though... Your life, life after the move , life at the bschool (this is what I am mostly loooking forward to :) ) and most importantly keep writing to help out aspirants like myself :D...enjoy your time in India!!!

  3. Hi!
    Keep writing about life experiences!
    It would be good if you can write about the new perspectives that B-School is going to bring and how they change your approach to things in life.
    Please share the gyan, analysis, observations et all; it would be interesting and insightful for future aspirants like me to read about the journey.
    Congrats and All the best :)

  4. @Dreamchaser, ha ha yup thats the trouble. When i buy stuff i never think of such days! And hey Macs rock! So i'm sure it'll be worth the wait. Thanks for you suggestions about the blog.

    @Anasthaesium, Thanks for your kind words. I loved your blog. Your recent review of "Unaccustomed Earth" was brilliant!

    @Shubha, thanks for the suggestions. Oh yeah i'll be around writing my way through life! You guys are not going to get rid of me that easy! ;)

  5. Well..I am sure you never mentioned abt teh 'profile building'..I mean how can someone build a profile..the adcom could easily..'no you did all this for gmat...' ..How does this whole profile thing work...I am confident abt my gmat score and my essays..but i just do not understand thsi whole 'BUILDING A PROFILE' thing

  6. Hari, I can totally relate with you. Even am almost decided on buying a Macbook for my MBA. N yeah keep writing about anything that you feel worth sharing.

    N welcome to India.. Mail me at madz . bubbles @ when in India.

  7. Hi Hari,
    I am waiting for your post on why you chose specific business schools--that would be very useful. I would also be interested in knowing if you have specific industry/functions that you are targeting post-MBA. Additionally if you can blog your experience while you are at the B-School that would be good as well.
    I have found your posts to be honest and forthright! I stumbled upon this blog while I was preparing for my GMAT more than a year back.
    I will be applying to B-Schools later this year but my profile and targets are different from yours. 12.5 yrs work ex in IT (so age is not on my side!!). Primarily targeting 1 yr fulltime programs in IIMs (PGPX, PGPEX) and ISB. GMAT-710,5.5

  8. @ Dessy, Excellent point. I totally agree that Profile Building is a very important aspect of a b-school application. thanks for bring this and I'll definitely put up a post on that soon! thanks again.

  9. @madbubbles, all the best with your mac. I highly recommend it. Absolutely hassle free and working on it is a dream. Will write to you when i come to India.

    @Jeffrey, Firstly thank a lot for being a dedicated reader. I really appreciate that. Also thank you for your comments on post ideas. I'll definitely put up a post on why i selected the schools where i applied to. All the best with your mba application journey, hope you get into your dream school especially with that kind of experience.

  10. I'd love to hear about relocation and your transition to b-school! Have fun with the Macbook. I recently bought myself a Macbook pro and I love it.

  11. Hey Hari,

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us all these days.

    Please continue writing on your actual B-School experience, sharing the journey with us. Would love to see how the actual B-School experience compares to what you had in mind before getting in..


  12. @Dave and @Raghu, Thanks for your suggestions, I'll definitely continue writing about my experience on business school and my learnings from it.

  13. Hi Hari,

    I'm keen to be accepted in Barcelona this year and meeting you all!!
    I'm taking the assessment day next Saturday. Some useful advise?
    Besides the Case, are there other activities?

    C u soon!!

  14. Essays..Statement of purpose..If you could throw more light on what the essay questions were and how you addressed them..Need for an mba and tied your current experience with future goals..Also if you used the help of services to prepare your application..thanks for sharing

  15. Hey Hari
    Have loads of fun during the transition phase.
    Like most ppl here have said, would like to read about your b school experience in general.

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