Monday, October 26, 2009

Applications - Halfway through the process.

The last month was extremely frantic. I turned in three applications and managed to do my best with the essays for all of them. As mentioned in my previous post (The Perfect B-school essay), I have tried to infuse "who i am" in to my essays rather than merely providing data sheets about my awards and professional accomplishments. So with that i have successfully submitted my application to five b-schools. I intend to apply to three more schools. (to read more about how i picked my schools click here)

Till date i have received two positive responses - interview invite from ESADE and IESE business school. I am extremely happy about it and have pledged to work really hard to do my best during the interview. I have made contact with the current students who were extremely friendly and were really helpful in answering my questions about the school, the program and the life in Barcelona. Their attitude to connect alone says a lot about the student body and the schools' atmosphere. :)

I promise to keep you all updated on the latest, till then enjoy this video.


  1. 5 apps in..amazing man, its almost dusk of R1 and all i hv been able to do is submit 1 app tht too in hindsight could have been better.
    All the best

  2. Thank you Samurai :) Thats so kind of you to say.

  3. 5 apps in one month is pretty tough and challenging ...and i believe you are pretty much fired up ......i wish you all the best ...


  4. Actually its not five applications in one month. Its probably been 2.5 months that i started and till now i've covered 5 apps. :)

  5. Goin great guns Chambdu...
    COngrats and all the best!!
    Godbless always!

  6. Hello hari,

    Congrats for the interview invite at ESADE and "Best of luck" INSEAD,NUS HKU and others.

    I have been following you all[read you,rockyb, nishant, adabass et al] on the Fall 2010 applicants thread on pagalguy. Read each and every post on 179 pages and i am totally impressed with the effort & time you guys are putting in to help others too.

    Now, to introduce myself. My name is Jatin and i have just completed my B.E in 2009 itself from an Indian reputed school. I flunked in CAT last year and i am appearing for the same this year too. But from around about an year( you guessed it right, after i failed to make it to IIM) i have been researching a lot about an International MBA prospects and read profiles of various schools and the type of students they admit. Hence,i think that i want an MBA from abroad preferably from some of the Top Universities be it in the US or the EU to get the savvy of international markets and yes, quality of education of course.

    Now My situation is that i’ll joining TCS very soon. My acads are avg., so are ECAs. My future goal, as of now, is a career in Marketing ( Brand management to be precise) and become a Social Entrepreneur eventually may be before 35 or 40( and yes these are mere options i am currently inclined too and would like to explore more), yes i read your a "perfect B-school essay" post :) . Now as i fall in IIM pool which is the most competent one, i would like my profile to be outstanding in some or the other aspect 3-4 years down the line so that i can apply to the likes of Kellogg, Wharton, Sloan, Chicago & IE. I have shortlisted these colleges according to my future goal but would also appreciate your comments.

    Sir, as you have seen all of it, can you please guide me in chalking out my future work experience and plans for GMAT so that i may offer enough competition while applying to the colleges i mentioned. I know lot depends on application but i am keeping it for the later concern.

    I know that you are really busy these days in app’ing and it would difficult to take out enough time. Hence, if you like i can also get back to you when all of your applications are finished. I have sent same to kind of request to rockyb and adabass also and i am expecting for a great deal of guidance from all of you guys as i need to build my profile and crack GMAT too. Wishing you “all the best” again for your future apps.


    Jatin Kathuria

  7. Hey Hari... How was the ESADE interview ?

  8. @Raghav, Its this Saturday. So wish me luck :)

  9. Wow.. Wishing you the very best of luck..

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