Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Yesterday I parted with 5000 euros. Ironically, I'm happy about it. This money went straight to IESE Business school towards the deposit and now I'm committed.

One other great thing about IESE is its Global loan program. IESE in partnership with Banco Sabadell (a leading bank in Spain) offers a global loan to any student who has been accepted without the need for a co-signer. This loan covers the entire tuition fees excluding the deposit. This is a big relief for international students and especially at these times when getting a loan without a co-signer can be a pain in the rear.

Now I need to (try) to save as much as possible and may be take some loan from a local bank or family to cover my living expenses while I'm in Spain. For the past 3 years, with a steady income, I've been living a pretty decent life and the thought of loosing that income really scares me. But what the heck. I've been in this situation before and I know that i can handle it.

Anyways, if anybody feels generous enough to help me out with some $$ please drop me a line. :)


  1. Congrats Hari on this new development. Yeah if you find such generous people, please let me know as well :P

  2. yay! that's the big step! :) congrats!

  3. Have you signed up for an FC Barcelona season pass yet? :D

  4. Madbubbles, thanks will let you know if a generous soul emerges.

    Dreamchaser, Thanks yup, pretty big.

    Rocky, No I'm actually planning on buying the FCB! Hope Joan Laporta doesn't mind.

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