Monday, July 13, 2009

Climbing up the ladder.

Its been roughly two and a half weeks that i re-started my preparations and with the help of my new tutor, I've been making some good progress or atleast i like to think so! I've been doing a lot of SC and CR questions and have a strong feeling that my verbal muscles are starting to develop. I did a complete autopsy of the SC section from the official guide book, solving and analyzing all the questions and trying to find out all the errors in each of the answer choices for the entire set of 113 questions. Took a lot of work but the result was amazing. I never thought that re-doing all the same questions again would help me. But it did.

Here is a tip or a take away: if you found an answer choice wrong in sentence correction, dont stop there. Try to find other errors in the same answer choice. Odds are that there are more than one mistake in the sentence that makes it wrong!!

I've also started doing some LSAT logical reasoning questions. After taking the GMAT 2 times i know the level of toughness of the questions. LSAT has some obnoxiously tough and lengthly logical reasoning questions. I hope this would take away the shock when i see a tough question in GMAT!!! Also they make for some great practice. I've starting my quant preparations from this week. Hope to improve my quant score by 5 points, and to get this i need to grill on some really tricky questions.

In other news, my friend Rocky Balboa craked the gmat with a 740 and had a great pre-application interview with Rotman, one of his top choice school!! Congrats pal.


  1. Hi Dude

    From where are you doing LSAT Questions ? .. 1000 CR ?

  2. @ Madhur,
    Nope i tend to keep away from those 1000 series questions. A lot of mistakes in them and i think it would do you more harm than good.
    I'm using the LSAT super prep (a book by the people who prepare the LSAT exam) which is similar to the Official guide books for GMAT.

  3. thanks hari!

    all the best for GMAT 3.0 - Return of GHK!

  4. Hi Hari..i am currently working on 1000SC. I know there are mistakes, but I rely on the forums for answers to those questions. Yeah, LSAT CRs are good, but I felt they are quite lengthy.


  5. Is there an electronic book for LSAT Super Prep ?

  6. @ rocky Thanks a lot pal
    @ Anonymous, yup the LSAT CR questions are lengthy and more difficult. Thats exactly what i'm looking for - tougher questions!!
    @Madhur, Not that i know of!!!

  7. Yeah, agree on the LSAT questions, very relevant. I personally didn't use them to study for the GMAT since I did the GMAT first, but definitely a good strategy. Good luck!

  8. There would be more of the instances to be followed by them and for the future will also help them to ease further.